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Sales and Purchase

JSC Karbokam offers carboxymethyl cellulose (CMC) and polyanionic cellulose (PAC) of technical grades for different fields of application such as:

  • In oil and gas well drilling as a fluid loss retarder and an additive to control rheological properties of drilling muds.
  • In mining at floatation dressing of copper and nickel, as well as sylvinite ores.
  • In detergents and domestic chemical cleaning products manufacture as dispersant.
  • In paper making as an agent improving strength and printing properties of paper.
  • In construction industry in production of adhesives, glues and dry construction mixtures.
  • In textile industry to impart elastic and wear resistance properties to fibers.
  • In production of cosmetics and perfumes as a thickening agent.

We effect direct deliveries, render technical support, give all necessary technical documents and samples for application tests.
Thanks to ten years of experience, high quality and flexible policy of sale our trade mark Kamcel holds a leading place in supplying large oil and gas, mining, paper making, construction companies, as well as manufacturers of detergents, paints and coatings in Russia and CIS countries.
Finished product is packed in 16,7, 20 and 25 kg polypropylene bags on a 1 MT pallet (1,04 x 1,3 x 1,5 m), wrapped in shrinking foil.

Shipment of finished product

Shipping standard
Covered railway car V = 120-137 m3 39 – 45 MT
24 MT container 10 – 15 MT
5 MT container 4 MT
3 MT container 2,4 MT
Automobile transport up to 20 MT

Basic raw materials

  • Cellulose
    sheeted sulfite or sulfate soft-wood cellulose; soft-wood low to high viscosity
    rayon, cotton cellulose having degree of polymerisation (DP) 350 to 2000.Packed in 200 kg bales
  • Monochloracetic acid (MCA)
  • Caustic soda, solid
  • packed in 50 kg bags
  • Caustic soda, liquid
  • NaCl

as well as

  • polypropylene bags with a valve
  • shrinking polypropylene foil
  • ethyl alcohol

We would appreciate if you give us your best commercial offers and certificates for these raw materials.

Call us:

(34273) 7-29-72

11, Shosseynaya str, Krasnokamsk, Permskiy krai, Russia, 617060
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